Whole30 Day 4

Well today started out ok and got a little tricky in the middle but I pulled through and stuck to my guns. Had a transition to school meeting today and I am blessed to be surrounded by people who genuinely respect and see the best in my little guy. These meetings can go either way really and today luckily was a good one. I also had one rather sick husband returned to me (work didn't want him apparently) which was rather unexpected. He will be fine as long as I can get him to stay in bed resting. So a big batch of Whole30 approved chicken soup has been made to help him get better soon.

Whole30 Day 3

Well the headache has disappeared and it can stay wherever it went to thank you very much. The nicest part was that my beautiful little girl tricked me into some exercise. It started with a request to go for a bike ride which suddenly was switched for a scooter. Sure its windy outside and I was wanting to get some work done but she asked so nicely and was being so sweet that I really couldn't find an excuse not to. Heck I even have done all the dishes and have the washing folded, a small miracle in my life BTW.

So off we went, I planned to just do a small walk around the block but oh no her ladyship was not to be slowed down. As a result we ended up going all the way to a local park and playing there before coming back home. It was a good 40min of exercise for us and involved more than a few moments of me running after her up and down hills to avoid accidents. The most amazing part is that I didn't mind it at all, it was fun and being with her made it worth the effort. So I am very glad my little trickster conned me into going out to play today, I might just let her trick me again tomorrow.

Whole30 Day 2

So day 2 wasn't that bad, sure I felt like death warmed up but I put that down to the horrendous headache I've had for the last few days that still hasn't budged. I've been making plans for how to best help myself reach my goals and I will put them up as a separate post as I think its an issue that needs to be addressed separately.


Whole30 Day 1

For those of you who are wanting to try the Whole30 challenge yourself there is a really neat timeline of the commonly experienced reactions that you can find on their website: Whole30 Timeline.

So Day 1 went rather as expected for me. The whole lack of dairy and gluten based grains wasn't an issue and as we have been stepping down with the other grains and processed foods it wasn't too bad.  The hard part was that I am not used to having a meat/egg protein with EVERY meal as I will often revert back to vegetarian meals. But it was possible and I am sure I will get used to it eventually but for now its taking a bit of reminding.

I’m doing the Whole30 Challenge September 2014

Let the experiment begin!

Today is the 1st of September and I have decided to join in with the Whole30 September 2014 Challenge. 30 Days of serious Paleo, no cheats, no "just one little bit of" and certainly no "but I've earned it". Why Paleo? No I'm not under some bizarre delusion that I am reconnecting with my caveman past. Ironically when you take out all the foods my little family has reactions too and when I follow my wonderful Dr's advice it just happens to all be 100% Whole 30 approved.

So the starting stats, I will not be weighing or measuring during this time. I am also going to take photos but those will be shown at the end as frankly I need a bit more courage before I show my less than healthy form to the world at large. Suffice to say it isn't pretty.

Embracing the inner omnivore

In todays day and age what and why you eat something says a lot about who you are. We all know about the "isms" and their various factions. Fasting, Juicing, Green Smoothies, Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw, 801010, Paleo, Primal, Gaps, Body Ecology, Nourishing Traditions, SAD, Weight Watchers, Low and High Carb, Starch Solutions, Atkins - you get the idea right? Well what is rather sad is that I have done ALL of the above or at least given it a red hot go. Whats even worse is I am still overweight, unhappy and unhealthy. I have successfully managed to add a host of ailments and conditions in addition to each and every additional kilo I have padding my 5'4" frame.

So what do you do, which is right? What has been learnt along the way and how do I make sense of it all? I'm going to sum up my most recent adventures into diet and nutrition (please note I have over the last however many years actually attempted all of the above as well as a few more dubious ones that I won't mention - surprise I'm still fat)

From Silvia – Gluten Free Cuisine

One of my favourite things to do is to stop by the local markets and pay a friendly visit to Silvia and her staff. I have received nothing but warmth and kindness from her over the years since switching to a Gluten Free Casein Free diet. From the very first day I wondered by, overwhelmed and unsure, its been nothing but a pleasure. She happily discussed my kids and what we were wanting to achieve and which of her delicious goods would work.

This is how I roll…

My latest crazy endeavour in a bid to improve my health and wellbeing is to return to an old favourite. See I used to love rollerblading. Living down the road from a rollerskating rink meant spending many days skating around in endless circles, and I loved it. Then one day these new shoes appeared in the hire shop: Rollerblades!