The Sensory Mum Gets Organised

Carolyn Dalgliesh has written a fabulous book called The Sensory Child Gets Organized ( which is a great easy to read how to book on helping create and environment that works with not against your sensory child. What is a sensory child? Basically its a kid who struggles to differentiate between sensory inputs from their environment which tends to lead them to hitting a point of overwhelm rather quickly.

When I read the book my overwhelming though was "this is great but how the heck am I meant to put this into place". The rather large flaw in the plan was that I am a very Sensory Mummy so the very things that my children struggle with I am struggling with too. I walk into our home and frankly if it wasn't for my Mother drilling into me over my childhood to just start at the door and move clockwise I would never get anywhere. To me it is just a wall of chaos and colour and smells (not always pleasant mind you thanks to the cat and dishes in a small townhouse). I can not count how many times I have just stood there on the verge of tears faced with the overwhelming task of "just cleaning it up".

I am at this moment hiding in my room writing because I can not face the cacophony of sensations that await me downstairs. I desperately need to get this under control but I can not see the path ahead clearly. So that is now my next big challenge. How to put into practice strategies and solutions to make the rather complex task of managing and facilitating 4 unique human beings as they go about their days. As I tackle mini projects or even a few big ones I will be adding my findings and discoveries to the site.

As for the diet and lifestyle thing, well thats on going. I have discovered a few interesting hurdles that now need to be addressed and am working on that with various professionals. Nothing wrong with getting help when you need it, I will be updating that journey as I go along but for now its too personal.

Now its time to face the chaos and try get some sort of order to the kitchen at least because I have about 1 1/2 hrs before tummies get hungry and the demands start up again.

Image is from and I encourage anyone interested in the book or her approach towards Sensory Organizing to visit her on Facebook or via her site I do not receive ANY kickbacks, rewards or 'gold stars' for mentioning this I just like to give credit where it's due.

Before my Whole30 September 2014 Challenge Front and Side ViewAfter my Whole30 September 2014 Challenge Front and Side ViewMy Whole30 September 2014 Non Scale Victories

Whole30 Results and Conclusions September 2014

So ends my first Whole30 challenge. It has been a truly positive experience and I haven't been left feeling deprived or starved over the last few weeks. As someone who recently did the Weight Watchers program (3rd times the charm right?) I found it so freeing to not feel like a complete failure every single saturday. No weighing meant I had to look for other signs of change and progress and I found many. Not restricting my food intake but rather trusting myself to actually differentiate between full and empty shifted the responsibility and relationship between my physical and mental self. I am amazed at how I have altered my mindset and how my body has responded to these improvements.

How to trick yourself into helping yourself

So often when you try make lasting changes to your life you find it rather harder than anticipated. I mean how hard can it be? Other people do it without it looking like a total uphill battle after all. The reality is it is hard for us mere mortals, we know this and there is a whole string of people counting on it for their livelihood.

This time around I am trying to pool together everything I've seen and read, all the little successes and lessons learned through failure. There are so many tricks out there and you have to work out yours. This is going to be an ongoing list of those things that work for me. Part self help manual, part things that might be useful to others.

Whole30 Day 9 to 16

Well that was an interesting last few days. The last week has seen some real struggle moments and challenges however it looks like we are all going to make it though just fine. Hubby had to go back to work rather suddenly and it took the kids (and I) by surprise. Now if you learn nothing else about Autism there are a few key rules 1) don't change the plans 2) don't break a line and 3) no surprises. Unfortunately 2 out of three occurred and the end result was one incredibly distressed and regressed little boy. Why am I talking about Autism in a Whole30 post? Well this is my life, these are our challenges and when things get hard the last thing you feel like doing is sticking to a diet.