From Silvia – Gluten Free Cuisine

From Silvia – Gluten Free Cuisine

One of my favourite things to do is to stop by the local markets and pay a friendly visit to Silvia and her staff. I have received nothing but warmth and kindness from her over the years since switching to a Gluten Free Casein Free diet. From the very first day I wondered by, overwhelmed and unsure, its been nothing but a pleasure. She happily discussed my kids and what we were wanting to achieve and which of her delicious goods would work.

From their delicious breads right through to their very own fresh pasta its all good. And for a while there I would happily collect all the offcuts from their lamington production to be used to make our own treats (their was dairy in the chocolate coating of their ones so I would make my own).

So you can imagine then how sad I was when our Biomed GP suggested that it was time to take the diet another step and we could no longer feast on the treats offered by Silvia. So while the new changes have been worth it and we are doing quite well I still miss my weekly visits.

So if you are searching for the nicest tasting gluten free goods from the friendliest staff around please pay a visit to Silvia at now of the markets they go to or their shop in Marrickville. Or check out their Facebook page.


The biggest factor that makes Silvias’ a superstar in my eyes is how understanding and kind they have been to my children. There is always an attempt to engage with them and they always try their hardest to understand whats being said, which isn’t the easiest of tasks when my two have expressive language delays. There have also been one or two moments where my darlings have been less that perfect and in those moments rather than act with judgement or harshness they have been understanding and kind (not only Silvia but her staff as well). If you have ever braved a busy weekend market on a rainy day with two unhappy, stimming kids you know how much of a relief it is when someone reacts with kindness and warmth in the face of some pretty undesireable behaviour.

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