I’m doing the Whole30 Challenge September 2014

I’m doing the Whole30 Challenge September 2014

Let the experiment begin!

Today is the 1st of September and I have decided to join in with the Whole30 September 2014 Challenge. 30 Days of serious Paleo, no cheats, no “just one little bit of” and certainly no “but I’ve earned it”. Why Paleo? No I’m not under some bizarre delusion that I am reconnecting with my caveman past. Ironically when you take out all the foods my little family has reactions too and when I follow my wonderful Dr’s advice it just happens to all be 100% Whole 30 approved.

So the starting stats, I will not be weighing or measuring during this time. I am also going to take photos but those will be shown at the end as frankly I need a bit more courage before I show my less than healthy form to the world at large. Suffice to say it isn’t pretty.

Height: 164cm (this won’t change but it helps with BMI etc)

Weight: 87.5kg yes this is now heavier than my biggest pregnancy.
BMI: 32.5

Bust: 117cm*
Under Bust: 94cm*
*not being weird but as a gal who has just gotten bigger and bigger I’m always curious as to what the heck happens when you lose weight.

Waist: 105cm(measuring around belly my gap between ribs and hips)
Tummy: 122cm(measuring around widest part)

Health Issues or Annoyances:

  • Fatigue and exhaustion, no matter how early I try go to bed am tired all the time (some of this is due to kids waking me in the night which is just a part of life)
  • Headaches that linger for days and appears to be related to the occipital nerves.
  • Bumps on the back of my arms that have been there for years.
  • Acne, seriously at 30 something this should be gone now right?
  • No core strength or pelvic strength at all (months of inability to move due to Pelvic Girdle and Pubic Symphysis pain during the creation of my kids didn’t help). I have exercises that I need to do to help with this so fingers crossed it works.
  • Fatty liver that shows impairment on blood work.
  • Insulin Resistant though not on medication as Diabex was doing weird things to me.
  • Can’t walk for more than 20min on hard surfaces though I can bush walk with kids for an hour or two as by pelvic joints flare up. Seriously limits exercise options BTW but I have a cunning plan.
  • Can’t see my toes when I stand up and look down, thats just sad.
  • The foods I have been eating create abdominal upset ranging from sever cramping and bloating through to what the kids refer to as “fire poo”. This is a TMI area but if you look up what happens when you have a reaction to gluten, dairy or irritable bowl syndrome (I don’t have IBS to my knowledge but their symptoms are fairly similar) you can get the idea.
  • Mental fogg and a spaced out disconnected feeling that gets worse or better based on what I eat. Cheese gives me the nicest warm fussy mental state, well until the downside hits.
  • Ulcer in the mouth, really irritating.

I think thats a fairly good starting point for me to refer back to at the end of this. I did get my GP to do a full blood work a few months ago and while it was evident that my liver function was impaired the other things had moved into a normal or expected range though not healthy yet. Now to see what happens next.

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