This is how I roll…

This is how I roll…

My latest crazy endeavour in a bid to improve my health and wellbeing is to return to an old favourite. See I used to love rollerblading. Living down the road from a rollerskating rink meant spending many days skating around in endless circles, and I loved it. Then one day these new shoes appeared in the hire shop: Rollerblades!

These sleek and slightly terrifying beauties let you go oh so much faster. You could turn rapidly and glide along smoothly. The best part was the day my Mum brought home a pair for my bother and I. We took it down to the local basketball court and tried our luck. My brother was a natural which came as no surprise but given enough time I worked it out myself too.

Eventually I got to the point where I was brave enough to go all the way down to the Esplanade and follow the path a couple of kilometres and back home. I felt so free and happy, to be able to strap on a pair of blades and just go. Many happy afternoons were spent on my little adventures, sometimes a friend would join me and we’d try gossiping and staying upright which let me tell you is no easy feat.

Fast forward a few years (ok more like 15) and I am anything but the sleek and healthy kid I was. I’m beyond curvy, more than rubenesque and only a little less than willendorf venus. So in a fit of madness or calculated genius I decided that I needed to do something that lightened my spirit as well as my load. There is actually some fairly sensible logic behind this but I admit that watching a 30 something overweight woman regaining her balance on 8 tiny wheels is anything but sensible. We’ve had a few goes at this now in the privacy of our open planned living area. The tiles by the way offer nothing in the way of friction so stopping is next to impossible. I say we as my two little munchkins zip along on their scooters as we circle the improvised rink.

I must be doing some good as I sure do feel it the next morning and I am delighted to say I am actually improving with each attempt. As an added bonus you have never hear two kids laughing and giggling so much in your life. In addition to getting fit and healthy I am creating some wonderful memories.

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