Whole30 Day 1

Whole30 Day 1

For those of you who are wanting to try the Whole30 challenge yourself there is a really neat timeline of the commonly experienced reactions that you can find on their website: Whole30 Timeline.

So Day 1 went rather as expected for me. The whole lack of dairy and gluten based grains wasn’t an issue and as we have been stepping down with the other grains and processed foods it wasn’t too bad. ┬áThe hard part was that I am not used to having a meat/egg protein with EVERY meal as I will often revert back to vegetarian meals. But it was possible and I am sure I will get used to it eventually but for now its taking a bit of reminding.

Breakfast was the standard smoothie (banana, blueberries, cacao and big handfuls of greens blended with water) and today we had hot smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Lunch was cauliflower rice and meatballs. Dinner was a huge green based salad with tomato, capsicum, beetroot and carrot topped with sliced beef and a tahini lemon dressing. The kids had the steak and their pterodactyl┬ásoup – each of their favourite soups has its own name and obviously green veggie soup must be pterodactyl soup.

The kids got snacks and extras along the way and I’m sure I had a herbal tea in there somewhere but that was it really.

I did realise that I am really not prepared and that I need to brace myself for the inevitable downturn once reality kicks in and optimism fades. I did however prep and put into the freezer 7 mince serves and 6 cauliflower rice serves so that plus my emergency frozen soup serves is slowly building up a plan B that doesn’t involve the local takeaway or dreaded M.

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