Whole30 Day 2

Whole30 Day 2

So day 2 wasn’t that bad, sure I felt like death warmed up but I put that down to the horrendous headache I’ve had for the last few days that still hasn’t budged. I’ve been making plans for how to best help myself reach my goals and I will put them up as a separate post as I think its an issue that needs to be addressed separately.

Breakfast was sautéed sweet potato, carrots, onion and left over cut up steak from the night before. With my regular smoothie as per yesterday, seriously when it has taken so long to get your little ones to actually allow some fruits and greens into their systems you don’t rock the boat. But I didn’t add in the cacao or agave I sometimes use and it was still consumed happily.

Lunch was delicious Moroccan Lamb sausages and a big salad with a side of fermented veggies. Don’t shoot me but while gluten free the sausages had a bit of rice flour but I wasn’t going to let them go to waste. I also realised that the salad dressing situation will get boring fast so I need to try a few new things out.

Dinner was Thai Chicken Meatballs with a mountain of stir fried veggies (just a bit of coconut oil thats it). I also added some cooked pear and apple done in plain water and with a pinch of natural vanilla as a dessert.

I realise that for the hardcore whole30/whole9ers out there this is probably not on but I need to be realistic and I am aiming for a rest of my life change not a quick fix. So as long as I keep going its all good. The funny thing with diet and lifestyle changes is that EVERYONE has their own opinion and advice but no one is going to be there when YOU have to make the decisions or face the consequences of your actions.

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