Whole30 Day 3

Whole30 Day 3

Well the headache has disappeared and it can stay wherever it went to thank you very much. The nicest part was that my beautiful little girl tricked me into some exercise. It started with a request to go for a bike ride which suddenly was switched for a scooter.┬áSure its windy outside and I was wanting to get some work done but she asked so nicely and was being so sweet that I really couldn’t find an excuse not to. Heck I even have done all the dishes and have the washing folded, a small miracle in my life BTW.

So off we went, I planned to just do a small walk around the block but oh no her ladyship was not to be slowed down. As a result we ended up going all the way to a local park and playing there before coming back home. It was a good 40min of exercise for us and involved more than a few moments of me running after her up and down hills to avoid accidents. The most amazing part is that I didn’t mind it at all, it was fun and being with her made it worth the effort. So I am very glad my little trickster conned me into going out to play today, I might just let her trick me again tomorrow.

Breakfast was my usual smoothie but managed to add in more greens this time. Also ate some left over Thai Chicken Meatballs. Probably didn’t eat enough but I was flu so stopped eating.

Lunch was roasted sweet potato, grilled fish and salad. Today I tried a raw vegan inspired ranch dressing based on cashews and a few herbs and some lemon. All in all it wasn’t too bad and at least it gives some variety now.

Dinner was a little trickier as my Mum treated me to a night out. However with a little polite asking and some care you can order some kind of meat and a plain veggies. Sure you get some funny looks and the waiter might question your sanity but hey its my body not theirs.

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