Whole30 Day 4

Whole30 Day 4

Well today started out ok and got a little tricky in the middle but I pulled through and stuck to my guns. Had a transition to school meeting today and I am blessed to be surrounded by people who genuinely respect and see the best in my little guy. These meetings can go either way really and today luckily was a good one. I also had one rather sick husband returned to me (work didn’t want him apparently) which was rather unexpected. He will be fine as long as I can get him to stay in bed resting. So a big batch of Whole30 approved chicken soup has been made to help him get better soon.

As for me I had a strange day of eating as I needed to get some more groceries. So breakfast was 1/2 an avocado, 3 Thai Chicken Meatballs and some sweet potato I had pre roasted. I didn’t do the smoothie this morning and I really felt it by 10am when I got a little shakey.

Due to the shakes and not getting lunch ready before the meeting I used up one of my emergency protein balls and that kept me going until I got home and was able to make up a chicken and broccoli salad. The new dressing I made up works really well especially with some mustard seeds thrown in.

That kept me going all afternoon and I was so pleased I was able to withstand two trips to the shops and not cave in to poor food choices. It helps that I wasn’t feeling hungry all day which is nice. I also noticed that how I did the grocery shop was very different to normal. Luckily today is the market day at the shops so I was able to pick up some meat from the free range butcher and then hit the local growers for some greens and basics. After that I topped up with some missing veggies and a few pantry basics like the coconut oil. Huge sections of the local food shop were skipped entirely. Not sure this is a cheaper way to be but thats what the veggie garden is for.

For dinner I had a win with the soup for Hubby (first he’d eaten all day) and I presented the kids with chicken, roasted sweet potato and fresh lightly steamed broccoli and snow peas. Now my two don’t do veggies in their natural form (soup is ok but only if its REALLY smooth). However tonight my little guy gobbled it all up happily. Little miss was less than pleased and took a lot of work but she did actually get it into her mouth and then realised it was actually tasty. She has now decided I can serve her veggies again tomorrow – finally!

For me I diced up the veggies I had done for the kids and threw it in a big bowl with the chicken and some greens I forgot all about the tomato etc but with the creamy dressing I hardly noticed it. It was a very filling meal and I finished it off with a bowl of strawberries that just looked too good to resist from the markets.

A cup of camomile tea before bed and I am a happy camper. The headache is still gone and my pants are fitting a little loser. Don’t get too excited I’m still a big gal but its nice to actually have the belt do something other than draw a line where the waist is meant to be.

[The image is one of hundreds of my son apparently moving at warp speed. Imagine my surprise when the teachers are discussing how my little bundle of energy now has the capacity to sit still in class long enough to join in assemblies etc. Diagnosis is not the end of the story but rather the beginning of an epic multi part adventure series full of twists and turns. Spoiler alert, it’s totally worth it.]

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