Whole30 Day 5

Whole30 Day 5

Wow what a day, everything that could have gotten in the way of good eating did – and I didn’t give in!!!! Between running around getting to appointments and Drs, attending events for big school next year and managing trades people in and out of the place it’s been fun. I’m sitting down now to a cup of herbal tea before tackling dinner. The Chiropractor is pleased with my exercise progress and I can take it up a level, we are trying to repair some damage that happened during my second pregnancy so its been a long time since those muscles have worked.

So how did I manage to stick to it all day long? Well ok until 4pm but thats pretty good. Mostly it took realising that a short term fix was not going to help me in the long run. I knew I had my emergency protein balls in my bag so I didn’t feel desperate. This allowed me to make better choices such as opting for plain scrambled eggs, spinach and smoked salmon at a cafe while waiting for Hubby to see the medics (my kitchen had been covered in drop sheets so that was out of commission).

I packed a simple salad for lunch and carried it with me, didn’t have time to cook some meat for it so it was vegan. I know from past experience that this is just fine. My body is very capable of surviving without meat and the extra walnuts I threw gave an added boost to the meal. Yes I had to eat the salad over two mini lunches due to time constraints but thats just fine – I was well fed and nourished.

Now its afternoon tea time and I’m happily sipping away a camomile tea while pondering dinner. Luckily its almost all ready in the sense that soup is in the freezer and the meat and veg are ready to go. I may have to put my foot down on the no take out option but considering there is nothing in the purse this is not an issue.

Simply knowing I have back up plans in place helps give me the mental space to make decisions rather than have reactions. I’m perfectly capable of making good decisions however not when I am hungry or feeling stressed or desperately out of control.

p.s. dinner was some delicious herbed grass fed lamb and steamed veggies with roasted sweet potato, so good.

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