Whole30 Day 6

Whole30 Day 6

Wow and I thought yesterday was tough. Doing the Whole30 is actually the least of my concerns right now. Being a wet rainy day there really was nothing for it but to set up a tent in the lounge and let the kids play. With Hubby upstairs sick and them playing happily I could at least have a fighting chance of feeding everyone and getting things done around the place. Apart from the acne (I blame detox) I’m actually doing really well. No sore tummies, clearer head and my energy is slowly increasing. I’ve also noticed my tummy is going down. Either that or my pants are getting bigger.

Breakfast was smoked salmon and scrambled eggs again. What can I say its easier to make and everyone eats it.

Lunch was a giant beef salad with sweet potatoes thrown in as well as other left over veggies.

Dinner was a plain beef and onion stew (used a tad too much arrowroot to thicken the sauce) and cauliflower rice.

I think I had one cup of black coffee in there somewhere (no sugar) and I did treat myself to some strawberries after dinner after a very long day.

So far so good. Food tastes nice even if it does seem like a case of cook, eat, rinse and repeat.

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