Whole30 Day 7

Whole30 Day 7

So it occurs to me that I probably don’t eat enough meat to be a caveman. I guess that could mean I don’t qualify for the Whole30 Diehard Championships but I can live with that, after all I am getting healthier and doing well. Basically what I have noticed is that the amount of protein in meat form I eat is less than the palm sized amount at each meal recommended as basically I just don’t need that much at the moment. I am not exercising apart from toning up some very weak muscles so I am not needing as much. I get a decent amount of egg and fish in at breakfast (2eggs and about 30-80g of fish as I split a piece between the kids and I) which sets me up well. Lunch is a moderate amount once again I split a chicken breast 3 ways or do 2 minute steaks cut up in a big green salad, and I mean big. Then dinner is a petite amount of meat so I’d guess on average about 200g max and often not quite that amount.

On the other side at least 3 big handfuls of greens are being consumed each day between the morning smoothie and salad. I am eating between 2-3 serves of fruit through out the day with meals. I am also getting in at least 2-3 cups of veggies as well. Then there is also the addition of the ghee, coconut and olive oil (used cold) at each meal that would be about 2 TBSP a day. So there is a lot of nutrition getting into my system and its all making a difference.

I guess the reason why this was on my mind is that I was asked how my cave girl diet was going and if I was sick of meat yet. Honestly if I had to eat a high meat diet I would gag, I am not a huge meat eater and tend to be on the plant side of the scale. Luckily the “paleo” diet isn’t atkins and veggies and fruits not banned. Frankly I don’t agree with demonising foods, its just food after all. Its how your body responds and reacts to things that makes the difference to how you need to approach it.

The term Paleo Diet is simply that, a term used to make an idea or concept spreadable and shareable. I could just have easily decided to follow¬†the Pre Industrialisation Diet or the Early Tribal Diet or the I Don’t Want Food That Kills Me Slowly Diet. Will my diet after this Whole30 Challenge be Paleo? I don’t now, for example I have found that traditionally prepared and fermented Dhokla and Idli/Dosa eaten as at most one meal a day has little negative impact on my kids and I. These are two recipes that use rice and either chickpeas or lentils so definitely not Paleo yet allow my kids to eat something similar to sandwiches at morning tea time without consequences. I also realise a Paleo diet would most certainly not have included Green Smoothies that require a high powered blender, give me some credit please. Yet that too is not something I will be removing from the mix just yet as it is doing a lot of good.

Ideas are good, theories are great but when you start taking things too seriously and forgetting that idea are meant to change and theories are supposed to be tested things go wrong. So with that in mind heres the boring what I ate today part.

Breakfast was a delicious tomato, onion and smoked salmon frittata topped with avocado and a squeeze of lemon. It was so nice my darlings tried to eat half of it even after their own breakfast and adamant cries of “we don’t like frittata’s”.

Lunch was taco salad. Keep seeing the recipe so had to give it a go and I’ve got to say this is a winner.

Dinner braised beef and onion with cauliflower rice.

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